Rules for ordering personalized postage stamps

1. General provision
These Rules regulate the issues related to personalized postage stamps “My Stamp” (hereinafter – MS or the Product) that are not regulated by the Postal Law, as well as establishes the order, in which personalized postage stamps are printed according to the customers' orders, images used in personalized postage stamps are approved or rejected, payment procedures are carried out, and customers refuse an order.

2. Subject of the Order
2.1. “My Stamp”
2.1.1. “My Stamp” is a postage stamp individually created for a customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) by SJSC “Latvijas Pasts” (hereinafter referred to as “Latvijas Pasts”). It is created on a tamper-proof “Base stamp” (silver-coloured) with a fixed border. There is word “Latvia” written on it that changes colour and a denomination of either EUR 1.00 or 1.54, as well as an empty space that can be printed on. On the empty space, the Customer can place a digitally transferred image (hereinafter referred to as the Image). “Latvijas Pasts” does not process the image.
In 5 (five) business days after placing an order and confirming it, “Latvijas Pasts” delivers the MS to the Customer.
MS is printed on pages that contain 20 (twenty) copies each; furthermore, only 1 (one) Image can be used per order.
The minimum order is 1 page (namely, 20 copies of MS).
It is forbidden to use images on MS that are prohibited by existing laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and EU directives binding on the Republic of Latvia, including, but not limited to racial, ethnic or national hate pictures, erotic and pornographic images, different types of discriminatory pictures or images related to violence, subversion or religious confronting. It is also forbidden to use images with the official symbols of the Republic of Latvia (coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, coats of arms of cities and regions), protected trade marks, their derivatives and images, images of popular persons without a prior written consent of the particular person or their representatives, copies of postage stamps issued by “Latvijas Pasts”, their derivatives and images.
“Latvijas Pasts” reserves the right to refuse production of MS with a particular image without naming specific reasons. In addition to the aforementioned, MS motives that do not correspond to the public moral and ethical standards, promote a wrong, distorted and/or false understanding of human values, rights and freedoms, as well as those with images that do not comply with or are in conflict with the existing legislation in any other way are rejected. In case of rejection, the Customer will receive a written confirmation of “Latvijas Pasts” via e-mail or mail.
In any case, the image is not returned to the Customer, but “Latvijas Pasts” is not entitled to use it without the Customer's written consent.
2.1.2. MS dimensions
Total dimensions:
45 x 35.5 mm horizontal format;
35.5 x 45 mm vertical format;
The dimension of the image:
38 x 23 mm horizontal format;
29 x 31 mm vertical format;
The dimension of the page: A4 (210 x 297 mm).
2.1.3. Requirements for the image digitally sent by the Customer:
Issue of up to 10,000 copies:
* data format: JPG, RGB colour mode;
* resolution: the minimum resolution of 300 dpi, the maximum size of 5 MB.
Issue of more than 10,000 copies:
* contact us.
2.1.4. Only when ordering 10,000 copies of MS, the Customer may choose to discuss the choice of decorative colours, or to agree on the exact choice of colours (especially when printing a logo). When using decorative colours, fulfilling the order will take more time, taking into account the maximum of 2 correction phases (changes to the design of the MS). Additional corrections postpone the delivery term and increase the production costs accordingly. The image is delivered by e-mail or an external media (CD, etc.). “Latvijas Pasts” does not process the image.
2.1.5. One may not exchange MS for postage stamps of other value.
2.2. Ordering MS
2.2.1. Orders for up to 10,000 copies of MS can be placed by using the order platform and uploading an image.
2.2.2. When placing an order, the Customer certifies that he/she holds all the copyrights and related rights of this image and/or patent rights, etc. If the image depicts other persons, when placing an order, the Customer certifies that the persons have agreed to the reproduction of their portraits and publishing them on MS. If the image contains a different kind of motive or information, the Customer shall confirm that he/she has all the rights for publishing, reproducing and processing the image.
2.2.3. It is forbidden to use images on MS that are prohibited by existing laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, including, but not limited to racial, ethnic or national hate pictures or images related to violence, erotic and pornographic images, different types of discriminatory pictures, as well as pictures of third persons without their written consent. It is also forbidden to use MS motives and/or images that do not correspond to the public moral and ethical standards and promote a wrong, distorted and/or false understanding of human values, rights and freedoms.
2.2.4. The Customer shall transfer the right of processing and reproducing the image for production and sale of the ordered MS to “Latvijas Pasts” free of charge.
2.2.5. At the Customer's unequivocal consent, “Latvijas Pasts” uses the image of the particular MS to promote this service, by publishing it without any specific order data (number of copies, time of issue, face value, etc.) or information related to other persons. The Customer may withdraw this consent at any time, but may not withdraw any information already published.

3. Delivery
3.1. Delivery in Latvia is carried out by the “Express Mail” courier as a postal item, which is delivered to the delivery address specified by the Customer.
3.2. Delivery abroad is carried out by registered mail, by delivering the postal item to the delivery address specified by the Customer.
3.3. The Customer shall be responsible for the correctness of the address of delivery of the Product and the Customer's duty is not to delay the acceptance of the Product without a good reason. The Customer shall fill in and sign an appropriate proof of delivery of the Product. In case of the Customer's unreasonable refusal to accept the delivered Product, in case of domestic delivery in Latvia by not signing the delivery documents submitted by the courier, or by not signing the relevant proof of delivery in case of international delivery, the Customer shall not be released from the obligation to pay for the Product in full. Cases, where the delivery address of the order and/or the name of the Customer do not correspond to the data specified by the Customer, shall be considered as a reasonable refusal.

4. The Right of Withdrawal
Notice of Withdrawal
In case of MS, withdrawal is not possible because the stamp is designed according to the Customer's specifications and is adapted to the Customer's personal preferences, unless “Latvijas Pasts” has not actually carried out any actions for starting the preparation and manufacturing of MS. In this case, the Customer shall receive a written consent of “Latvijas Pasts” to the notice of withdrawal of MS.

5. Obstacles to the Provision of the Service/Indemnification of Losses
Based on different colour settings of monitors and other differences of external media, there are slight colour variations possible in the ordered and printed MS. Particular attention needs to be paid when using white colour in images, as MS is printed in the four-colour standard (CMYK – yellow, red, blue and black).
In this case, the Customer has no right to reject the Product, no right to the guarantee or to indemnification of losses.
5.1. Indemnity in case of significant damages or poor execution.
5.1.1. Poor execution
If the ordered Product is not delivered according to the order (poor execution – printed over the base frame or wrong positioning with respect to the inclination of the image, or significant typographical errors), the Customer shall have the right to request repeated delivery of the Product, which is fundamentally different from the specifications of the order. The exception to this case is small colour variations in the ordered and printed MS, as well as minor deviations from the image positioning in the printable empty space within the fixed frame. If repeated delivery is not possible or “Latvijas Pasts” has to make an inadequately big contribution, “Latvijas Pasts” can reimburse the Customer for the defective or incorrectly executed part of the order. In disputable cases relating to the quality of the printed MS and conformity to the order, an expert commission is established, to which each party shall appoint a representative, who shall jointly select a third expert – head of the commission, who shall decide on conformity of the printed MS with the order and the existing quality requirements of the industry. Costs of the expert commission shall be borne by the party, whose views have been found to be unjustified by the expert commission.
5.1.2. Order
If MS has been delivered to the Customer, any claims about the order, including the non-compliance with the quality requirements or a delay, have to been communicated in writing to “Latvijas Pasts” within ten (10) business days from the date of acceptance of the Product certified by the proof of receipt of the particular Product. If the Customer fails to do so within this term, it shall be considered that the order has been executed in accordance with the Customer's interests, preventing the Customer from making any claims in this regard.
5.2. The Customer's Rights to Indemnification of Losses
5.2.1. In case of blameable actions of “Latvijas Pasts”, it shall only be liable for direct losses incurred by the Customer, particularly in the event of delayed execution of the order (delay of delivery of more than ten business days) or delivery of a product that does not correspond to the order.
5.2.2. The liability of “Latvijas Pasts” for indemnification of losses incurred by the Customer shall be limited to the extent, to which the Customer has paid for the order.
5.2.3. If delivery is delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the Parties (force majeure), including, but not limited to fire, acts of God, hurricane, any act of war, acts of terrorism, occupation, embargo, strikes, binding laws and regulations issued by the responsible institutions, “Latvijas Pasts” continues production and delivery of the Product as much as possible, but if it is not possible, it shall give a written notice to the Customer about the force majeure by submitting the documents certifying the fact.
5.3. The Rights of “Latvijas Pasts” to Indemnification of Losses
If any rights and interests of third parties protected by the laws and regulations are violated as a result of production, distribution or publication of MS, the Customer shall fully assume all the associated defence and indemnification of losses, completely exempting “Latvijas Pasts” from this obligation, as well as preventing any possible claims/claims or protests against “Latvijas Pasts”.

6. Price of the Product
6.1. The price of the product consists of the nominal value and costs associated with the production and delivery of the Product to the Customer. According to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, the service “My Stamp” provided by “Latvijas Pasts” is not subject to value added tax.
6.2. According to these rules, when ordering up to 10,000 copies of MS, the price of the Product includes 4-colour printing, but when ordering 10,000 or more copies of MS and/or additionally using decorative colours, the price of the Product includes in 4-colour printing and two phases of correction. Each subsequent correction phase, as well as each subsequent colour is added to the price of the Product.

7. Payments
7.1. The Customer must pay “Latvijas Pasts” for MS order placed in accordance with these rules, based on the invoice issued by “Latvijas Pasts” and within the specified time limit. “Latvijas Pasts” shall fulfil the MS order only provided that the Customer has paid for the MS order to the current account specified by “Latvijas Pasts”, as evidenced by the payment order issued by the bank.
7.2. In case the Customer does not pay for the order of MP according to these rules for longer than 30 (thirty) days and there is no written agreement between “Latvijas Pasts” and the Customer on a payment procedure that is different from the one set out in these rules, the Customer's MS order is cancelled.
7.3. The invoice issued by “Latvijas Pasts” to the Customer for payment for MS order is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature.