Format of the postage stamp

  • Mana Pastmarka is available in 2 formats: horizontal format and vertical format.
  • Printing: digital 4-colour printing.
  • The minimum resolution of the image: 300 dpi, the maximum size of 5 MB.
  • Format of the image: jpg, png (RGB colours).
  • Ideal margin ratio of the horizontal format is 1.65 (width) to 1 (height) (e.g., width of 800 pixels, height of 485 pixels).
  • Ideal margin ratio of the vertical format is 0.94 (width) to 1 (height) (e.g., width of 562 pixels, height of 600 pixels).
  Horizontal format Vertical format
Total dimensions of the postage stamp 45 x 35.50 mm 35.50 x 45 mm
Imprinting dimensions of the image 38 x 23 mm 29 x 31 mm
The minimum dimension of the image 449 x 272 pixels 343 x 366 pixels
Dimensions of the page A4 horizontal A4 vertical
The number of postage stamps on a page 20 20
The number of postage stamps on a page 5 x 4 4 x 5
  • There may be slight differences in colours and placement.
  • For additional info contact